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Some of our client's reviews

Hao Z.
Pro package
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Really good calls, good channels. Good exit documents and really helpful! Daily updates are very accurate! Would recommend 100%.
Daan B.
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Big shoutout to the premium group, a lot of great posts in the group. Although I use the premium group I recommend people buy the pro package!
Pro package
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Great group! I was very new to crypto when I came in this group but learned very quickly.
Premium package
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Made a lot of profit, cryptoanalyses gives very good TA's!
Marnix K.
Pro package
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Known cryptoanalyses for a very long time, knows what he is talking about and gives very accurate daily market updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It’s a one-time payment with no reoccurring payments nor extra payments when joining. Also when new content gets added (which happens frequently) you’ll get full access to the new content!

Yes! For beginners, I recommend joining Pro or Ultimate since these have the technical analysis school and priority help for all your questions!

Yes! You can use your crypto to join CryptoAnalyses. Please check out using the crypto payments option called “pay with crypto directly through us during checkout.

Yes! We’re based in the Netherlands but our content can be viewed international and we operate internationally as well. 

Very active! With over 250+ members in our community, we have one of the most active crypto platforms out there! With members sharing content, trades and ideas.

Our exit plan contains a way to exit the market using technical analysis and therefore contains price predictions on many coins. At the moment we have 10 coins and a general market prediction that you can use for all coins to exit safely.

Get priority help for all your crypto and technical-related questions and our team will answer them as soon as possible! Priority help will be faster than the normal help channel.

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